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Children of Dr. Moreau: Book Cover Illustration

I am very pleased to show you my latest book cover illustration (complete with title design by me as well) for Children of Dr. Moreau by Jared Battaglia, a YA biopunk science fiction story from the world of H.G. Wells.

Described by the author as "on the mature side of Young Adult fiction with a PG-13 feel... [Children of Dr. Moreau is] a gritty and grounded reimagining of the HG Wells classic where this time the young human-animal hybrids take center stage."

The cover features two of the main characters: Cleo and her rival, Leopold. It was a lot of fun to work on this illustration! I particularly enjoyed painting their striking hybrid eyes, working with this blue-green color palette, and the juxtaposition of the urban vs lush, natural settings.

"Rachel Perciphone is an incredibly talented illustrator who masterfully brought my characters to life for the Children of Dr. Moreau book cover. Her impressive creations and quality of work exceeded my expectations. There’s a timeless quality to the magnetic book cover she created that reminded me of wandering the library as a young reader and being inspired to open the pages of a book by the captivating cover art I saw.

Whether potential readers are strolling the aisles of a local bookseller or scrolling websites, today’s authors require eye-catching high impact book covers to stand out. Rachel delivered exactly what I needed, and she was a pleasure to work with!"

- Jared Battaglia


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