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My Patreon Community!

What's Patreon, precious? What's Patreon, eh?

PA-TRE-ON: I've finally taken the steps to launch my PATREON page!

What is Patreon? It's a platform where creators can build a community for their biggest fans! People can support their favorite creators with small, monthly subscriptions to gain access to curated posts, insights, and rewards created just for Patrons!

Why Patreon? Having a consistent income allows for more freedom as a creator. Freelance doesn't always bring in steady paychecks reliably every month, and the amounts may vary when it does. Patreon helps create the stability of a regular income, whether it be in small ways or big ways. The less a creator has to worry about bills being paid (freelance/client work/dayjob), the more time they can devote to their personal work (the kind of work that likely got your attention in the first place!)

If you're already following along on my blog or my social media pages, that's great! Thank you! Your support means a whole lot to me and I'm going to continue to update these pages as I always have, so no matter what, you'll still have access to my art and glimpses into my process :)

However, if you have the means and the desire, now there is a platform that I can curate and deliver content without fighting an artificial algorithm, while building a special community of my biggest supporters! I will be using Patreon to show a more in-depth look at how I create my art, organize my studio, and what my day-to-day looks like as an artist. Patrons will also get first looks at what I'm working on before social media, first dibs on sales, and exclusive content that I won't share anywhere else! Down the line, with the help from my wonderful Patrons, I hope to be able to devote more time to making time-lapse videos and fantastical art.

If you'd like to join my Patreon community and gain access to Patreon insider scoops, then click the button below:



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