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The Omega: Book Cover Illustration

I am excited to share the cover illustration I worked on for The Omega, a continuation in the YA urban fantasy book series I am currently illustrating the covers of for author G.A. Finocchiaro and the sequel to The Raptor, released earlier this year.

This book focuses on the fractured and twisted past of Jacinda, Tony's fiancé, and what the impact of these fractures might be for her present and future and the fate of the world. As usual, there are more than a few surprises along the way. At the end of the trail of breadcrumbs, we might end up with more questions than answers...

It was an absolute blast to finally illustrate a strong leading lady on the front cover of a book, since feminine characters are most often the focus of my personal work (and being a woman myself, usually what I connect most to) and I loved the opportunity to incorporate a touch of magic in this piece.

Finocchiaro always does a great job of supplying descriptions and inspiration for his characters and settings, but he also lets me have a lot of creative freedom within these concepts. I had a fun time painting Jacinda's outfit (particularly the details in her shorts!) and designing her hair and face to meet the author's vision for his character.

If you are an independent author interested to learn more the process of hiring and working with an artist to illustrate your book cover, check out my past blog posts or this episode of the Indie Writer Podcast where I discuss all the details!

If you'd like to read The Omega, it is available as both a physical copy and an ebook on Amazon, Kindle, Barnes & Noble, and through many other online booksellers. Click here to buy your copy!


Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post and for your interest in my art!

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