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Empowering fantasy art for book covers & anywhere magical stories are found...


Hello there!

Rachel Perciphone is an artist and professional illustrator creating empowering fantasy art that encourages the viewer to confidently explore their own stories. She is most heavily inspired by mythology, fairy-tales, nature, music, and ethereal subjects and her work features strong, diverse characters within magical and colorful worlds. The foundation of her work begins with a detailed pencil drawing and she uses a mix of digital and traditional media to paint the finished piece. Rachel uses symbolism, shape, and both natural and supernatural elements to explore narratives and emotions. Through depictions of vibrant, feminine, and engaging subjects, her work showcases the idea that our inner strength is both multifaceted and beautiful.

If you need an illustration that captures the essence of your story, I've got you covered! I am available for freelance work and private commissions. Some of the work displayed in my portfolio is available for licensing. Please contact me for a quote by sending me an email with a summary of your project, along with budget and timeline details.

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"Rachel came to us via a referral from a friend and while we didn't have any immediate projects, we decided to create some just so we could work with her! Her artwork and style were perfect for creating episode artwork for our podcast, Grimm Grimmer Grimmest, and she created a magical world that piqued the interest of our kid listeners. We didn't hesitate to work with her on four additional projects - and of course, she knocked each one out of the park. 

Rachel is a dream to work with and we can't wait to come up with new projects just so we can work with her again!"


Awards & Exhibitions


Infected By Art Volume 11


Independent Press Award:

Distinguished Favorite Book Cover - Fiction

Infected By Art Volume 10

Phillustration Show - 3rd Place

2020 - Infected By Art Volume 8

2018 - Infected By Art Volume 6

2017 - Phillustration Show Honorary Mention

2014 - Society of Illustrators Student Exhibition

Select Clients

Philadelphia Eagles NFL

Pinna, LLC

Thousand Ant, Unity

A Sound of Thunder

G. A. Finocchiaro

Red Stylo



Fantasy, Comics, Mystery,

American Gods, Gideon The Ninth, Wuthering Heights, The Broken Earth Trilogy

Video Games

Dragon Age, Planet Zoo, Gris,
Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, Final Fantasy


Rammstein, Frightened Rabbit,

Florence + The Machine, Cinematic Scores


WWE, Tea, Cats, Backgammon,
True Crime Podcasts, Vegetarian Food, Collecting 
Artistic Card Decks (Tarot & Playing)


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